Teachers’ Area

Here are a few useful teaching tools to use in the classroom…

Turn your screen into a collaborative notepad with Padlet.

Edit videos and add questions, text, images and discussions with PlayPosit or EDpuzzle.

Create interactive quizzes for your students with Quizlet.

This is a great way to brainstorm ideas with your class on the screen with Bubbl.us

Make a word cloud from any text to help your students learn vocabulary with Wordle.

Set a time limit for any task on the screen with the Online Stopwatch.

Create flow charts and diagrams with Gliffy.

Use the phonemic chart with your students on the Teaching English website.

Help your students improve their grammar and writing skills through quizzes with No Red Ink.

Make quizzes and competition in class much more visual with Socrative.

For interactive presentations, workshops and meetings, use Mentimeter

Use royalty free/creative commons images from Photo Pin or Pixabay to avoid copyright issues. This is where I find images for the blog.

Finally, can we give better feedback to students?


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