Working in groups

What is happening in this video?

Find out more in this clip from the BBC programme Forces of Nature.

Does working as a group actually help us learn?

How should you study in groups?

How does collaborative learning build deeper understanding?

For your essay on ‘group working skills‘ refer to different sources and different ideas. Read and refer to the chapter ‘Group and team-working skills‘ in Payne and Whittaker (2006). Also, refer to the ideas of Tuckman on group development as well as team role theory by Belbin.

Find out what did Tuckman (1965) said about group development

How do the ideas of forming, storming, norming and performing relate to group development in The Avengers? What are the roles of The Avengers?

Follow the stages of group development in The Lord of the Rings

Learn how to use Tuckman’s phases of team development.

How does group development work in basketball, as seen in Coach Carter?

What are Belbin Team Roles? Find out more about Belbin’s (1993) team roles

Watch how these students work with each other and analyse their group performance

Discuss these students’ personality types and work out the best groups.

What are norms and why are they important in a group?

How does this ice hockey coach in The Mighty Ducks teach the importance of working together as a group?

What types of group work have you done before? How successful were those groups? What made them successful? Put your ideas in the comments below…

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