What is Corporate Social Responsibility?

How important is it?

Find out more about corporate social responsibility in the next video…

The Guardian asks if companies profit by doing good, why aren’t they all doing it?

Does CSR just mean a corporation giving money to charity?

How will companies behave in the future?

What do you know about the ice cream brand Ben and Jerry’s?

So what make’s Ben and Jerry’s such a socially responsible company?

Whereas Ben and Jerry’s is often regarded as a positive corporate example, there are many examples in the business world of corporations that do not follow good corporate practices.

I recommend you all watch the award-winning documentary The Corporation, which goes into much more detail. It’s very interesting and will help you with your research.

You can also watch this interesting series called Responsible Corporations? on Kanopy – just log in with your Middlesex University account to watch for free.

Finally, watch this lecture about CSR and answer the questions in your workbooks…

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