What is Britishness?

Can you answer this question? A lot of British people can’t!

How do these people answer this question?

Is being British or English about skin colour? Formula One racing driver Lewis Hamilton feels his ‘Britishness’ is being questioned by some people.

What are British values?

What exactly does it mean to be British?

Do British values distort history?

British people often joke about Britishness…

Trevor Philips gives a much more comprehensive definition of Britishness…

Watch Stephen Fry talking about being quintessentially English…

Is this the last of Britishness?

So, what do you think ‘Britishness’ is? According to a survey in 2019, most people think that being English is not about the colour of your skin.

However, according to The Independent, many British people would fail the test.

Find out more about the new citizenship test in this BBC article.

Try some questions from the all-new British citizenship test for people applying to be British citizens. How many can you answer?

Who are the most iconic Brits?

Finally, find out what Beefeaters do in their spare time…

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