Do you think that too many people want to travel these days?

How is the tourism industry changing?

What is the problem with modern mass tourism?

You’re going to research the advantages and disadvantages of tourism in your group.

Many people around the world feel that tourism is killing culture and communities. For example, the mayor of Venice wants the city on the world heritage blacklist.

Why do many people hate tourists now?

The people in Barcelona want to welcome refugees and send tourists away, according to this article in The Guardian.

The Guardian also reports that Thailand had to shut down its most popular beach.

Mass tourism is at a tipping point, according to The Guardian. How can cities benefit from tourism?

What is eco-tourism and can it save our environment?

What are the environmental issues? Why is sustainable tourism important?

Find out more on The Travel Foundation and its approach on its website.

So is it the responsibility of governments to regulate tourism?

Which countries are the least touristy?

Why do we travel?


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