The price of fashion

Learn about the life-cycle of a t-shirt on TED-Ed

How are shoes made today?

Is fast fashion destroying our environment?

The Economist discusses the true cost of fast fashion…

According to Channel 4 News, our clothes are worse for the environment than flying…

Some companies are trying to encourage their customers to wear their clothes for longer, but how eco-conscious and sustainable can a for-profit business really be?

How can resale, or buying second-hand clothes, disrupt the fashion industry?

The House of Commons Environmental Audit Committee produced a lengthy report on how the fashion industry should change.

What does Investors Chronicle say about the report?

What is the responsibility of big companies like Primark that operate in developing countries? The disaster in the Rana Plaza factory in Bangladesh in 2013 highlights the issue…

However, Primark promotes its corporate social responsibility with its involvement in initiatives such as the HERproject. You can find out more about Primark’s ethics here…

…and Primark’s involvement in the HERproject in Business Case Studies.

Read this case study from Fashion United to find out if Primark’s sustainability efforts are doing enough to make a real difference to the way they do business.

Finally, how do we engage with ethical fashion?


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