The Environment

Is it too late to do anything to save the environment?

This week you are going to take part in a discussion about the responsibility of developed countries in protecting the environment.

Find out about the COP21 Paris climate talks in 2015…





Here are the key points of the Paris climate deal, according to The Guardian and this is a summary of the climate deal from the BBC.

Why should we care about our world leaders reaching a climate change agreement?




Here’s what US president Barack Obama said at the climate change conference in Paris in 2015…



Read more about the historic climate change agreement here in Time Magazine to prepare for your discussion.

Watch the National Geographic documentary Before The Flood to understand the seriousness of climate change much better…


John Oliver asks if the debate on climate change is balanced and fair…

Here are the ten best YouTube videos on climate change.

Find out why climate change denial has become so dangerous, according to The Guardian.


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