Too much screen time is bad for young people.

For this project, you are going to use the following sources to help you discuss the statement above. Watch the videos, read the articles and then debate this topic in small groups. Then, plan to present your findings in a presentation to your class.

What are the effects of violent TV programmes, films and video games?

Does media violence cause real violence?

Go to Common Sense to find more information for your research.

Here are three pieces of research on TV violence and children from Psychology Today, the American Psychological Association and The American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry.

The Huffington Post and Time Magazine both report on the problems of TV violence and the effects it can have on children. However, The Telegraph reports that there is no evidence that video games make children violent.

China is trying to ban late-night gaming, according to The Guardian.

And what are the problems of advertising aimed specifically at children?

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