Protein World

The campaign you will be researching for your digital marketing project will be Protein World‘s Are You Beach Body Ready?

Here are two concise overviews of the campaign from digital marketing agency Flow and from marketing law firm Osborne Clarke.

The campaign led to an attempt to remove the adverts on Mashable and The Independent report on the negative reaction to the campaign. The Drum reports the number of complaints the campaign received.

However, according to The Independent and Business Insider, the negative reaction has produced positive results for the company.

Forbes comments on the problems of banning unpopular adverts.

The Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) eventually ruled that the campaign did not objectify women, according to The Guardian and the BBC.

Adweek reports on Protein World’s attempt to take the same controversial campaign to the US. According to The Guardian, this brought mixed responses.

These ads have now inspired very popular memes. How does this affect the campaign?

The Telegraph reports that Protein World’s next campaign was even more sexist.

To sum up, here are five business lessons from the Protein World campaign, according to Campaign.

So what do you think about this campaign? Was it a successful campaign? What role did social media play in this campaign? Discuss and analyse the campaign in your groups using information from your research.