Marmite – Love it or hate it!

Why were some of these campaigns successful?

Here are a couple of Marmite adverts from recent years to show you how the product is marketed. What do you think about them?

…and another one…

Here’s the most recent campaign, the Marmite neglect campaign.

Here’s the Marmite Facebook page. See how many ‘likes’ Marmite has.

This campaign was referencing the work done by charities such as the RSPCA and the NSPCC. However, some people were not happy about that, which led to complaints against the campaign.

What effect did this campaign have on Marmite sales?

Find out more about the Marmite neglect campaign and other successful campaigns.

Finally, this video reviews all the different parts of the campaigns and comments on the reaction to the campaign as well…

photo credit: Bev Goodwin via photopin cc


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