John Lewis and digital marketing

We are evaluating UK retailer John Lewis‘ Christmas advertising campaign, focusing on the company’s use of digital marketing and social media. You are going to read and analyse different sources to understand the success of John Lewis’ Christmas campaign over the last five years…

Why are John Lewis’ Christmas adverts so successful, according to the marketing agency Equinet?

Are John Lewis’ Christmas adverts getting less emotionally engaging, according to Campaign Live magazine?

How successful has the John Lewis campaign been on social media in recent years, according to PR Week?

What do you think of John Lewis’ 2018 campaign? According to The Independent, the reaction was mixed. Marketing Week discussed why John Lewis chose an ‘un-Christmassy’ advert with Elton John.

This is the 2017 Christmas ad, #MozTheMonster

This is the 2016 campaign, #BusterTheBoxer

2015 was #ManOnTheMoon…

This is the Christmas ad from 2014, #MontyThePenguin

Watch how the 2013 advert was made with Lily Allen singing the song…

Which advert do you prefer?

How did John Lewis’ Christmas campaign develop on social media last year, according to Brandwatch?

What was the result of the campaign, according to PR Week?

How have John Lewis’ Christmas campaigns developed since 2007, according to Marketing Magazine?

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Check out 12 of the best Christmas advertising campaigns ever, according to The Independent.

Finally, watch all the John Lewis Christmas adverts since 2007.