Innovate or die!

What is innovation?

How is Chinese innovation changing the Internet?

Find out about the science of innovation…

What examples of innovation can you think of?

Britain is a world leader in innovation. Find out more in this British Council video called Innovation is GREAT and then do the quiz.

There are plenty of examples of companies that fail to innovate, such as Nokia, Blackberry and Kodak. I’m sure you can think of many more for your research.

Read more about the fall of Nokia in this BBC article and watch this BBC documentary on The Rise and Fall of Nokia (n.b. many of the interviews are in Finnish here but there are English subtitles in the video so you can read their story)…

What are the biggest risks for companies that fail to innovate?

This article in The Guardian also talks about why companies fail at the innovation stage.

So what lessons should companies learn?

Did you know that Google actually encourages failure? Not many companies do that.

Here are Google’s 9 principles of innovation.

Check out the top ten products that killed competitors. Guess what came in at number one?

Find out about the last ever Blockbuster store…

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