Immigration in the UK

What are the arguments for and against immigration in the UK?

Why do some British people believe the UK would be better off out of the EU and with lower immigration?

In 2016 the UK voted to leave the European Union and immigration was claimed to be one of the main reasons. This British exit is commonly referred to as ‘Brexit’. Find out why the UK voted to leave in this report from Vox

Read this article from The Guardian newspaper about immigration and compare it with this article from The Daily Mail about immigration to see how this topic is presented in two very different ways.

According to this 2014 report by University College London’s Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration, immigration actually makes a lot of money for the British economy

EU migrants are good for the UK economy, according to this CNN report.

This BBC report refers to the UCL research and how much EU migrants make for the country, rather than take from the country. According to The Guardian, the UK is attracting very highly-skilled workers from the EU.

This article in The Independent debunks some of the common myths surrounding immigration to the UK, such as levels of crime and pressure on public services.

However, according to this report from the BBC, net migration fell in 2016.

Is immigration needed if British people won’t do tough jobs?

Is the immigration debate a big lie?

Why did some immigrants to the UK vote to leave the EU?

What role does racism play in the immigration debate?

Vice News investigates what life is like for a migrant in the UK

Understand more about Syria and the European refugee crisis…


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