Immigration in the UK

Watch this BBC documentary about immigration in the UK and the positive and negative effects it has on the country to help you research for your essay this week.

Here are some facts about immigration in the UK, according to the FT…

Also, read this article from The Guardian newspaper about immigration and compare it with this article from The Daily Mail about immigration to see how this topic is presented in two very different ways.

Here is the most recent report from the BBC about the British government’s attitude towards reducing net migration.

Here’s a BBC News report on net migration that could help you with your essay.

According to a report by University College London’s Centre for Research and Analysis of Migration, immigration actually makes a lot of money for the British economy. This BBC report refers to the UCL research and how much EU migrants make for the country, rather than take from the country. According to The Guardian, the UK is attracting very highly-skilled workers from the EU.

Great societies have always relied on immigration and the situation is no different today…

Finally, is immigration needed if British people won’t do tough jobs?


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