Evaluating sources – The CRAAP Test

Why is it important to use sources we can trust?

Do you use the CRAAP evaluation criteria when you do your research?

Check what you know with this quizlet CRAAP test.

…or do you prefer to use CARS?

What is a secondary source?

Here are five tips to help you improve your critical thinking…

Here are seven ways you can be a better critical thinker…

Try the Feynman Technique…

Make sure you understand how to read the data you find…

So is Wikipedia a credible source?

How can you use Wikipedia in your research?

A recent US survey named four UK sources among the most trusted news providers. How many of these sources do you know?

However, Wikipedia has banned the Daily Mail for being an unreliable source!

The founder of Wikipedia, Jimmy Wales, is trying to change the old model of journalism with Wikitribune, an online, crowd-sourced and crowd-funded news source…

Do you think this idea could help fight fake news?

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