Environmental issues

Here is an example of a serious environmental issue

What is fracking?

What happens to the plastic we throw away?

How much plastic is there in the ocean?

The plastic industry likes to blame pollution on consumers, rather than producers, according to The Intercept…

Watch this video from Greenpeace to see some of the environmental issues they campaign for…

Find out more about the history of Greenpeace here…

How important is the role of business in protecting or destroying the environment?

Is it the responsibility of politicians, corporations or customers to be responsible for environmental issues? Why?

Each group should choose one of the following issues, read about your issue and summarise the key points to the rest of the class…

The Coal Boom Choking China

Brazil’s Troubled Waters

Australia’s New Coal Frontier

The Tar Sands Sell-out in Canada

The New Cold War in Alaska

In your research, find out firstly what the problem is, secondly why we should care and thirdly what can be done to solve the problem. Finally, present your ideas to the class.

There are some positive examples of how renewable energy can help to solve some of these problems…

China is buying more electric cars than in the US…

What is biodiesel?

How can coal be cleaner?

Which countries have already run on 100% renewable energy?

Saudi Arabia, the largest oil producer in the world, also has plans to move beyond oil production…

So how well can the Middle East survive without oil production?

If you want to help the environment, here are five ways to stay off the grid…

Can big business stop climate change?

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