Watch this short overview of the George Orwell novel 1984 to help you understand the main ideas in the story…

What does the term ‘Orwellian’ mean?

Find out more about George Orwell here…

1984 by George Orwell is an incredible and terrifying vision of the future, seen from the 1940s. But how much of it is true today?

Play the game Beholder and experience life in a totalitarian state…

Are our TVs watching us?

How much privacy do we really have today?

This is the trailer from the film 1984 (that came out in 1984, of course!)…

So, what is the story about? What do you think about the main themes and ideas?

Watch some of the clips from the film to see how the main events in the book are treated in the film.

This is the advert used by Apple to launch their Mackintosh computers in 1984…

How is the Chinese state planning to use technology to monitor its citizens?

What would George Orwell think about our world today?

1984 was recently chosen as the number one book that every schoolchild should read by teachers and one of the 100 best novels in The Guardian newspaper.

The world Orwell describes in 1984 is often referred to as a ‘dystopia‘ but what is this?

Check out the top ten dystopian books and films that could come true or have come true already. Of course, 1984 is at number one…

What are the greatest dystopian films of all time?

Finally, what similarities are being made between the world of 1984 and the current American administration under Donald Trump?

Remember. Big Brother is watching you!

Finally, here are both parts of the Crash Course summary on 1984