How many words do you need to speak a language? Take this test to measure your vocabulary size.

Where do new words come from?

Go to BBC Learning English or to Learn English with the British Council to increase your vocabulary.

Vocabulary.com is a much harder test of your English vocabulary.

Finally, it’s always important to use a good English-to-English dictionary. Also, download the Dictionary.com app to your phone.

For Chinese students…check out this YouTube channel, OMG Meiyu. It could be a good and fun way to build your vocabulary too.

How much slang and how many expressions do you know in English? What are the similarities between British and American English?

Here are some common British slang words that you won’t find in American English…

Learning synonyms and homonyms can be hard work (but very funny!) and English is always changing…

Watch the original Two Ronnies sketch and see if you get the very clever play-on-words here (e.g. ‘four candles’ or ‘fork handles’ – handles for forks!)



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