Do you speak English?

It’s pretty nerve-racking to start a conversation with someone…

Some English speakers have trouble using the language…

Here’s a good example how to practise seminar skills…

Learn how to disagree politely to encourage discussion…

You should also get in touch with the Middlesex University Student Union to join clubs and societies to make new friends on campus, get help and support or just find out when the next party is happening…

MDXSU also has an iPhone and Android app you can download.

Find an English teacher with the italki app to practise with…

You could try volunteering with Volunteering England or Do-it to get work experience and meet new people.

You could also find new flatmates from other countries so you can all speak English at home! Try Student Spareroom, Room Buddies, Pads for Students or Easy Roommate.

Finally, go travelling and meet new people where you stay. Try using Couchsurfing or Hostelworld.

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  1. hhhhh.. I can not speak English>> Iam not speak English>> I no speak English>> the first time when I coming to UK I was worst than this video.. hhhhhhh


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