Well the first thing you should do every day is read a newspaper. Find out about all the different UK news sources on The Big Project. You can also read different news sources on the Google News app, which is also available for iPhone.

Here are a few popular UK newspapers: The Guardian, The Independent and The Telegraph. You’ll learn about British and world culture, understand what’s happening in the news, build your vocabulary and just become a much more interesting person all round! Also, you’ll develop those very important critical and analytical reading skills that you need as a student.

Always use a good English to English dictionary when you read. We recommend the Cambridge Learner’s Dictionary as the definitions are easier to understand.

So how did the book evolve?

So why is reading so important? Why should we learn to think critically?

How do you choose the right book for you?

You could watch a film and read the book of the film and see the difference between them…

Sign up to Blinkist to get 15-minute summaries of non-fiction books…

Use Spreeder to help you learn how to read more quickly

…or you could read short, interactive chat stories on apps like Yarn, Tap or Hooked.

Better still, why not listen and read at the same time with BBC Learning English. You could do one news report every day. It will make a big difference!

Create your own, personalised newspaper with News Republic on your phone or tablet. Just choose the news sources you like…

…or create your own magazine with Flipboard

Tell your friends which one you like best and share articles with each other.

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