There are so many accents in English so you need to practise your listening skills every day…

It’s easy to practise your listening with technology these days. Here are a few good ideas…

You really should watch TV every day. There is so much to find on the BBC iPlayer, but I also love Channel 4. Don’t forget to turn on the subtitles [S]! Also, you can watch live TV on your laptop, tablet or mobile phone with TV Catch Up.

Listen to podcasts through iTunes or Google Play. You could check out some of the BBC podcasts to get you started (the World Service podcasts are easier to understand).

Listen to the radio on TuneIn Radio from anywhere in the world or listen to radio and podcasts with Stitcher. Also, when you listen to a song, use the Shazam app to see the lyrics at the same time!

These short videos from Garnet Education will help you improve your listening.

Watch, listen to and read short news reports on BBC Learning English. Both 6 Minute English and Lingohack are very good. This is brilliant for improving your listening, pronunciation, spelling, reading, grammar and to build your vocabulary. Basically everything! You can also watch videos and learn on English Central.

Want to watch films or TV shows? You can sign up to Now TV and of course there is Netflix, which has a great range, but I really like Kanopy for classic movies and MUBI for ‘world’ cinema.

Learning how to take notes is a really important way to improve your listening…

Make sure you plan how to take notes before a lecture…

Here are three tips for taking notes…

Here’s some advice on taking Cornell notes

…and here is a visual representation of taking Cornell notes.

Need lecture practice? Watch a different lecture every day on TED. Remember to turn on the subtitles [S] (in English, of course) if you need help understanding it. You can also watch video lessons and do quizzes on TED Ed



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