Graded Readers

Below is a list of the class sets of graded readers that groups can read together. Tell your teacher which books you would like to read.

Here are some ideas from the British Council about how teachers can use graded readers with a class. Contact Monna about using graded readers.

Title Level Audio CD No. Of books
1984 4 N 20
Brave New World 6 Y 20
British Life 3 Y 17
Dracula 3 N 17
England 4 Y 17
Five one-act plays 4 Y 20
Frankenstein 3 Y 20
Gladiator 4 Y 18
History of Britain 3 Y 20
Jane Eyre 3 N 20
Macbeth 4 Y 20
Robinson Crusoe 4 N 18
Seven 4 N 13
Short Stories of Sherlock Holmes 2 N 20
The Beach 6 Y 19
The Godfather 4 Y 18
The Picture of Dorian Gray 4 N 20
The Prisoner of Zenda 5 Y 20
The Time Machine 4 N 20
War of the Worlds 5 N 20

Graded Readers can also be borrowed from the third floor of the Sheppard Library – shelf number 428.64

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  1. You might want to know that we also have the DVD for some of the books in the Graded Reader set.

    DVDs are free to borrow for up to 7 days and are located on the 1st Floor Wing of the Sheppard Library


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