Watch English movies and dramas to improve your speaking and listening skills

Box of Broadcasts (BoB) is a great resource to find movies, dramas, documentaries and many more programmes that have been shown on British Television in the last 7 years. Watching these using subtitles or the transcripts will help you improve your speaking and listening skills which will help in your exams. Do not forget to login to myUnihub. Some recommended titles are:

Dramas based on books:

bleak houseBleak House


Jane Eyre

Mayor of Casterbridge

Nicholas Nickelby

Small Island

The History Boys


sherlock (2)


TV Dramas:


Doctor Who

Downtown Abbey


Grange Hill

Holby City


Life on Mars

Prime Suspect



TV Comedies:Fawlty Towers

Dad’s Army

Fawlty Towers

One Foot in the Grave

The Good Life

Upstart Crow