Chinese New Year Festival at MDX


Chinese New Year PostersFrom 11am to 3pm today is your opportunity to learn about Chinese culture and celebrate the start of the New Year!

In the Quad you will find a range of activities which include:

      • Get your bespoke Chinese names (from Name Station)
      • Find out your date of birth in Chinese Lunar Calendar and zodiac signs (from Zodiac Station)
      • Find out your place of birth in China through participating a quiz  (from Geography Station)
      • Have your photo taken in traditional Chinese costume (from Costume Station)
      • Get hand-made (non-edible) Chinese food (from Food Station)
      • Get hand-made Chinese spring couplets (from Couplets Station), papercutting (from Papercutting Station) and red Envelope (from Red Envelope Station)
      • Test your skills of using chopsticks (in Chopstick Station)
      • There will also be live performance of Chinese music and Tai chi performance.