Frankenstein food?

So-called ‘Frankenstein food’ is a critical term used for the use of science in food production to genetically-modify what we eat…

How do you feel about GM food and how does this relate to the story of Frankenstein?

Find out more about the debate around Frankenstein food on BBC News and on Channel 4 News.


    1. People begin to nobody can assurance that GM foods are safe to eat, against people think enormous amounts of contamination environment damage, but in Bangladesh, selling GM aubergines,start aubergines had insect, insult in cities ill, lots of people go to hospital, then former modified normal crops, change GM crops, later, not only reduce amounts insect, but also increasing crops yield, and he’d probably be tearing it up GM crops more than 90%, at present, in British scientist support GM, they think GM crops pose no more risk to the environment or our health, i think GM food is secured and increasing crops yield, solve the problem of feeding the poor,reduce unnecessary expenditure, all the time research GM will make people life better.


  1. Transgene in China had failed examples, so Chinese worry about transgene food as physical was not good,or understand transgene food


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