Library Questions

Some of you recently attended the Library Research Skills workshop and asked really good questions which I wanted to share. Here are a few with the answers:

Question 1: Is there a book binding service in the library?

Answer: Yes – you can buy the plastic binding from UniHelp and then go the Print Pod on each floor of the Sheppard Library where you will find an electric bookbinder  – ask for help if you are not sure how to use it.


Question 2: How many books can be borrowed at the same time?

Answer: 12 for Undergraduate and 14 for postgraduate students

Question 3: Does the library have any books in Chinese?

Answer: there are English to Chinese and Chinese to English dictionaries available on the 3rd floor of the Sheppard Library (shelf number 495.13) and you might also be interested in this book:

Study Skills (in Chinese) by Stella Cottrell; shelf number is 371.30281 COT.

Remember you should be speaking, reading and writing in English as much as possible while on the Pre-sessional course!

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