Visit Britain and beyond!

Hi all, I hope you’re enjoying your well-earned break finally! I promised you a few ideas for the holiday so take a look at the video to get inspired (and it’s always great to listen to Supergrass) and check out the links below. Get some good ideas from the Visit Britain website or from Time Out London, if you’re not going far.

You could rent a campervan and find a cool campsite. He’s another great site for finding campsites. Also, you could go interrailing and see Europe by train. Finally, find somewhere to stay like a hostel or even stay at someone’s house so you can make friends and practice your English. You could rent a room or the whole house if you want.

That should keep you busy. If you have any questions or good ideas, post them below. Have fun!



  1. Absolutely Nick. Get yourself a tent and explore the English countryside. It’s good to get out of the city and breathe the country air. A campfire’s a great idea too.


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