Word of the Week: wish

verb: wish; 3rd person present: wishes; past tense: wished; past participle: wished; gerund or present participle: wishing
  1. 1.
    feel or express a strong desire or hope for something that cannot or probably will not happen.
    “we wished for peace”
    synonyms: desire, want, hope for, long for, yearn for, crave, hunger for, thirst for, lust after, covet, sigh for, pine for, dream of; More

    aspire to, set one’s heart on, have as one’s goal/aim, seek, be bent on;
    informalfancy, hanker after, have a yen for, itch for;
    archaicbe desirous of;
    “I have never wished for power”
    • express a hope that (someone) enjoys (happiness or success).
      “they wish her every success”
  2. 2.
    want to do something.
    “they wish to become involved”
    synonyms: want, desire, have an inclination, feel/be inclined, feel like, care; More

    choose, please, think fit
    “if you wish to leave a message, please speak after the tone”
    • want (something) to be done or happen.
      “I wish it to be clearly understood”
    • want (someone) to do or have something.
      “Anne wishes me to visit her”
      synonyms: want, desire, require More

      “I wish you to send them a message”
noun: wish; plural noun: wishes
  1. 1.
    a desire or hope for something to happen.
    “the union has reiterated its wish for an agreement”
    synonyms: desire, longing, hope, yearning, inclination, urge, whim, craving, hunger, thirst, lust; More

    informalfancy, hankering, yen, itch
    “he had never expressed a wish to own a Mercedes”
    • an expression of a desire, typically in the form of a request or instruction.
      “she must carry out her late father’s wishes”
      synonyms: request, requirement, bidding, instruction, direction, demand, order, command; More

      “she was unwilling to go against her parents’ wishes”
    • an expression of a hope for someone’s success, happiness, or welfare.
      “the Queen had sent her best wishes for a speedy recovery”
    • a thing that is or has been wished for.
      “the petitioners eventually got their wish

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