Visit to MODA by Nikky Indragiri

Here is an interesting article from the 30 week Pre-sessional newspaper – UniNews:

On 20th March 2014, we went on a field trip to Museum of Domestic design and Architecture (MODA) Middlesex University with our lecture and classmate. This museum is very unusual from the other museums, because you need to make an appointment before coming. There is a staff will explain anything about the museum’s collections personally. This museum focuses on the historical local Britain design and architecture. When we arrived, the staff gives us objects to describe, for example: the object’s function, how it’s made and what the material of the object, what years the object was made. This task was really interesting, because I can get more new knowledge and vocabulary.

I’m really enjoyed to come to this museum, because we can ask and discussed more personally and clear, especially if we go with the small group.

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  1. This museum is very useful for us. we learn more and more from every trip we went with class.
    Have a nice day.


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